“Iron Man”

Iron Man rocks! Best movie based in the Marvel universe so far, perhaps even the best movie based on any comic! Robert Downey Jr does a really good job portraying Tony Stark, far better than I dared hope. His playboy antics in the beginning of the movie is a lot of fun to watch and it’s a very nice introduction to the character. He also makes Stark’s change of character after spending a few months in a dark cave frantically working on the first version of the Iron Man suit seem quite plausible.

The only problem I had was that it really didn’t seem like he stayed there for as long as we were told, I feel that this part could have been improved by adding a short scene or two that better illustrated the length of the stay. A bit annoying, although also amusing, was the repeated stupid jokes about his “helpers”, ie the industrial robots on wheels. The fire extinguiser gag was quite funny but I would have liked to see the other ones cut. When I think about it the ice problem was a bit silly as well, at least the way it was used in the movie.

The visual effects were if not perfect at least very close, I never had the “nice computer rendering but it sure looks fake” feeling that I get when watching the Spider Man movies. I’m really looking forward to both a sequel and hopefully a nice extended special edition on DVD. Oh, I almost forgot, make sure that you stay during the end credits – there’s a very nice bonus scene afterwards!

Iron Man currently has a 8.4 rating on IMDb, and I’ve seen quite a few positive reviews and blog posts. Wil Wheaton thinks it’s awesome and there’s a really nice review at io9. Other blog reviews or opions can be found at SF Signal and The Movie Blog, and here’s some info on the sequel.

My rating is 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s not often I watch the same movie twice while it’s still in theaters, but I’m actually considering going to see it again!

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